Villa: Lush Life

Date October 2016
Location Bengaluru
Category Residential

In a 90’ x 60’ plot the client wanted to set aside a 30’ x 60’ space for future development . However, a possibility was presented to the client to transform that section into an elaborately landscaped garden while orienting all views in the house to this garden. A series of semi-outdoor and indoor spaces opening to the large garden were created as a result of this.

Living in the Garden

The fenestrations are carefully designed to get in the softer light from the east and the north. The southern façade consists of a series of intersecting cubes that protect the building from thermal gain by creating shadows on each other. A landscaped double height balcony opens to the private garden on the north side and looks on to a public park on the west side. Sitting inside, one is ensconced within a cocoon of green.

All usable spaces of the house, opens up to the 30’x60’ private garden area, which provides intimate connection with nature and gives the feel of living in the garden.