Architect's Own Residence Featured

Date May 2014
Location Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
Category Residential

This airy, light filled residence plays with volumes (a double volume internal sky-lit court is at the heart of the plan) and internal views to give an impression of spaciousness that belies the site’s modest size (30x40).

Private Residence

Located in a nondescript neighborhood without any significant  external  views, an inward looking plan was devised, centered around an internal garden court. Internal views along the diagonal enhance the perception of spaciousness while functionally serving to connect the private and public zones.

Use of vertical louvers in the SW corner cast shadows on the 6” masonry wall, thereby reducing heat transmission by 30%. Aesthetically, it gives a pleasant and elegant appearance to the exterior façade. Reuse of scrap metal sheets near the puja as a jaali wall, creates an interesting play of light and shadow. It also adds decorative touches enhancing the modernist feel of the home, while keeping the design cost effective. 

Architectural elements delineate the open plan and minimally furnished interior spaces.